About us

Our company


Over 13 years ago, Just Japs Imports, Inc. became a reality. The business originally started as a small used car parts vendor importing from automotive junkyards in Japan. Our unique offerings and honest approach were immediately noticed by customers, along with our rigorous testing process, the staff’s extensive knowledge and expertise, and first-class customer service which rapidly led to increased recognition throughout the United States and internationally.


We have expanded the operation by acquiring a recycling junkyard facility and primarily obtain parts from major insurance auctions. This gives us the ability to offer an extensive variety and selection of used auto parts.

Just Japs Imports, Inc guarentees you:

  • Top quality used car parts
  • Fast Worldwide Shipping
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team


The staff’s extensive knowledge, and expertise in the automotive field, their passion for “cars”, and strong desire to satisfy their ever-growing customer base, achieved them a top-rated small business in the industry.


We have key resources/departments in place to assist with your automotive needs:

  • Operations & Customer Service
  • Parts & Inventory
  • Packaging/Shipping
  • Disassemble & Testing


Customers continue to have the option of shopping with us directly or at our top-rated eBay store. Just give us a call (305) 624-2300 or drop us an email info@justjapsimports.net

Social Responsibility

At Just Japs Imports Inc., we are committed to making a difference in our community, support causes that are important to our employees and our commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • Internships to vocational / engineering students with       an interest in the automotive/mechanical field
  • Support and practice safe disposal of disassembled         motor vehicles
  • Safe removal of hazardous waste
  • Recycle motor vehicle parts

Just Japs Imports Inc.’s purpose and passion remains the same after all these years – solid commitment to operating with integrity by providing premium used car parts with exceptional service and satisfaction.